Sunday, 29 April 2012

One year later.

 It has been a year since every female in the country went gaga for Kate Middleton's wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Since then the Duchess of Cambridge has become a firm favourite in many fashion books due to her classical elegance and timeless styles,  here are some of the outfits that have caused her to steal our fashion heart....

Are you a Kate Middleton fan? 

Meg x

Thursday, 26 April 2012

LFW rewind

I have rewound back to of LWF and I'm happily immersing myself in all the beautiful outfits that not only graced the catwalk but the streets outside! In this video I am particularly captivated by PPQ, for one, bikes on the catwalk! but two, those long dresses seem to just float over the ground, stunning.
Once I have got this hectic week of uni work over I am definitely going to go through all the days again and scrutinise to find my favourites!

do you have a favourite?

Meg x

Monday, 23 April 2012

Maxi love

Linda from lookbook ( also has a blog )

Trawling through LookBook I spotted this, I wish I could pull off a maxi skirt like this girl! However I never thought my short legs would allow me. I have purchased a burnt orange maxi skirt though so will have a play around and team it with some different other pieces to see if I can pull it off. Now, back to the picture, I love this outfit, it looks light and summery with just the right amount of accessories. I could definitely picture someone floating around in and Indian bazaar or relaxing on a Spanish white-sand beach with cocktail in hand ( I am drifting off into the land of holidays here). I will let you know how I get on with my maxi!

Do you wear maxi skirts or are you more of a mini girl? if so then how do you style them?

Meg x

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Although the rain is pelting it down outside as it has been doing for the last few days I am happy to trundle through some more pictures from Ireland using them as springspiration for upcoming outfits. I love the dusty muted colours of some of the flowers where others give you a bright pop. There's also nothing quite like a double rainbow to cheer you up!

                                                                 HnM shorts.//Asos skinny jeans

Meg x

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Irish dancing

So I have had a very busy Easter break so far. I travelled to Hereford for my grandads 80th birthday party, then the next day straight from there to Leeds, I had 3 hours sleep before we then had to wake for our flight to Ireland! I have always wanted to go to Ireland, and not just for the gorgeous accent ( drooooool!) we were there for what seemed like a very quick 2 days trying to pack as much in as we could. The highlight of the trip for me was a tour which included the filming areas of PS I love you and Braveheart and also visiting the art museum. On our last night we visited the Arlington hotel to experience some Irish singing and dancing,it seemed fairly touristy and not "authentic" Ireland if that makes sense but the acts were amazing! here is a quick clip of the dancing!

Meg x

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I have been in Ireland!

I will do a post soon detailing what I did and with some of my fave piccies from the trip. Now I need to catch up with all my favourite bloggers!

Meg x

Friday, 6 April 2012

Wish box - ASOS

So a few of these items ( all from ASOS) are pretty unattainable given my current budget but I guess that's why it's a wish box right? I am still thinking very much holiday with these pieces ( gonna take me a while to get out of my holiday mind) though with awful UK weather back again I should really start looking at warmer clothes!

blazer £129-  I've wanted a coloured blazer for a while now, a relaxed style one like this. I think it would be a nice cover up as well as adding a punch to any outfit. There are lots of cheaper versions available so when I hopefully get some money I will have a shop around

swimming costume £69-  love this! being quite a curvy girl bikinis or flimsy  costumes are a no no for me and this costume looks like it is nice and sucky-inny to keep everything smooth and also looks supportive on the chest. Then ofc there's the seaside print which is just quirkily gorgeous

( now the two bank breakers are out of the way)

nightie/slip £18- floaty and light, for those summer nights when any cover what so ever is too hot but you want to keep your dignity by being covered up, with a hint of sexy too ( it is a couples holiday after all!)

dress £22- in warmer weather and on holidays especially I hate anything particularly tight and clingy, it just makes me feel awful, sweaty and uncomfortable. This dress is the perfect mix of loose and airy with a nipped in waist for definition. It is also a great base for any statement accessories you want to add! 

shorts £32- A quick fling back to the pastel craze with these gorgeous shorts!I love anything high waisted so they score more points there too!

hair mask  £25 - My odd one out is this hair mask, you need to keep your locks tip top with all the sea and sun on holiday! It stood out to me on the site and some quick googling shows it does come quite highly recommended, major doubts on the price though!! ( If you have tried this then let me know how you got on! and if it was worth it?)  

Meg x

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Purple One

I love this ring, it will instantly add a splash of colour to any outfit and I think it's a very cool design. Now I believe this ring is originally from topshop ( I bought it via ebay) and although it was sold as M/L it only really fits nicely on my little finger which is annoying. However I will definitely be wearing this ring a lot in the summer clashing it against many prints and colours.

Meg x

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


boyfriend being a typical rude boy when we had snow//  3 hour train journey back home from uni for easter// and look who I had waiting for me!// one of my last lectures turned into drinks at the SU//  happy hour cocktails with my friend also back from uni// yankee candle in midnight jasmine, not as impressed as I though I would be!

Monday, 2 April 2012

O.P.I +Minnie Mouse

I’m All Ears - Nothin’ Mousie ‘bout It - If You Moust You Moust - The Color of Minnie

This vibrant selection of pretty, girly hues encapsulates all that is Minnie Mouse into 4 summer lovin' shades.  I am very excited to see if these make it across the pond ( released around june/july in the states) as I would love to indulge the 10 year old me. The two middle bottles are standing out to me most at the moment, " if you moust you moust" a lovely bright looking but still baby pink would stand out in it's own right, let alone if I layer it with " nothin' mousie 'bout it" a shimmery pink with heart shaped confetti glitter.

are you excited for these varnishes?

Meg x

Sunday, 1 April 2012

spring sparkles

I have never been one for wearing rings but I vowed to myself that I shall purchase some in order to put a bit of punch into my normal everyday outfit. I bought these two rings in a bundle via ebay, originally from Topshop I think. I really love them, they by no means look new but I did not want to spend money to then find out that rings and my fingers don't mix. However these were very comfy the only downside is I was left with a slight green mark, not attractive! 

My nail varnish in this picture is No 7 stay perfect nail colour in Milan 70. I really love this nail varnish, it glided on easy barely needing two coats and is a lovely pink glittery shimmer colour. Unfortunately I have come home from uni for easter and failed to pack my usual base coat and top coat so I don't see this beautiful colour lasting on my nails for long!

Meg x