Monday, 31 December 2012

December Glossybox

So I loved receiving a little early christmas present in the shape of my December glossybox, it is defintely one of the best boxes to date in my opinion!

Milkshake conditioning whipped cream

I'd never heard of this brand before but anything that claims to condition my hair and look after it's colour always gets a try from me. It has airy mouse like texture and a sweet milky smell much like the name suggests. I didn't exactly notice a massive improvement in my hairs condition but it didn't do anything bad so I will continue using but not repurchase.

Rituals whipped body cream

Another "whipped" offering and this time in the form of a moisturising body cream from Rituals. I love using this, it is so light and sinks in beautifully with no greasy residue left on my skin and no feeling 'tacky' when I get dressed. This is definitely something I would think of buying if I did not already have a thousand and 1 moisturisers that need using up!

Seche nail colour

This nail varnish has a post all on its own here so I won't bore you by repeating myself.

Sleek eye pallette

I am definitely gong to try out more stuff from this budget beauty brand. I love these shadows, they are super pigmented and blend gorgeously. I have been using them all the time to create smokey eye looks. Definitely need to try some more products and hope they compare.

Anatomicals lipgloss

Now it is no secret that I am not a big lipgloss fan so I can't give a very good insight into the ins and outs and comparisons with brands etc etc. However it is not too sticky, smells lush and I will actually wear it which must mean its good.

Hope you all had a lovely christmas and have exciting plans to see in the new year this eve!

Meg x

Friday, 21 December 2012

Let's eat, Grandad!

Excuse the funny name, it was drummed into my head at school to learn the importance of punctuation ("let's eat grandad!" is a lot diff to "let's eat, grandad!"). And as I am focusing on my trusty grandad cardigan it seemed appropriate.... anyway...

This jumper is a good 3 years old and still going strong if slightly bedraggled but it works well with a grungey kinda look. I bought it in a vintage shop for around £15, and I have worn it ever since If I am in need of a warm layer. It has muted wintery/autumnal colours which I love and is just the right length to cover my derrière if I am wearing leggings, perf! You can also see my cheeky raspberrygrape ring on my pinky.

Hope you are all wrapping up from the cold!

Meg x

Monday, 17 December 2012

I've got the winter blues.....

When someone says to me "winter nails" my mind instantly conjures up a rainbow of warm colours, reds, burgundys, deep berrys or festive golds and glitters. Very rarely do I think of the icy blues in my collection, 'cause as far as i'm concerned our winter is cold enough! However when this seche nail colour in hypnotic arrived in my glossyox I couldn't wait to slap the holographic-y shimmery royal blue goodness on my nails. By golly I was impressed! the formula of this is lovely with one coat definitely sufficing so perfect for if you are in a rush. I also think it would be pefect as a base for some christmas nail art, maybe layered with snowflake sor a snowman, also think this would look lovely as part of a galaxy nail. So this christmas why not embrace the icy hues of winter, much like we have done with our christmas tree this year! (p.s sorry my nails aren't the neatest job in the world, this picture was also after a few days wear!)

Meg x

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

DIY christmas presents; home made chilli oil.

Being a student I am a big fan of the home made gift as it is way cheaper than buying from a shop. However it also shows the recipient that thought and effort has been put in to what they are receiving, a win win! this year I am making my mum some chilli oil, she loves to cook and unlike me adores spicy food.

I had a kind of recipe which I looked at which was this; 

450 ml Olive oil
20g Dried red chilli flakes
3-4 whole dried chillies

Gently warm olive oil in a saucepan. Add chilli flakes and whole chillies to the oil and heat for 3-4 minutes. Remove from the heat and leave the oil to cool slightly.

When the oil has cooled slightly transfer it to a sealable glass bottle, including the chilli flakes and whole chillies.

store in a cool dark place, shaking the bottles once a week. As time goes on they will become redder and hotter.

This was actually really quick and easy to do, and the colours are so gorgeous! I couldn't help trying to capture them so here are my attempts;

I will let you know if she likes her present! are you giving any home made gifts this year?

Meg x

Sunday, 2 December 2012

the Red Lip rundown

Now we are in  December, we are bound to have plenty of celebrations and parties. Some may be on a empty Saturday evening, so you can start your beauty regime mid-day with a luxurious soak etc and look preened and fabulous when you step through the doors. Others may be right after work, or that important meeting (or that guilty pleasure tv show you just cannot miss) and you find yourself getting ready faster than Wile e Coyote. Whatever your time frame is something which will always make you look pulled together is a bold lip, and what colour is more christmassy than red?. So I selected 3 reds each with a different finish and thought I would give you my thoughts. I apologise in advance for no-make up skin, it was just one of those days y'know?

As can be seen we have a glossy pink toned red, a matte pillarbox red and a gorgeous shimmer lipgloss to either layer on top or use alone as I did. A colour and finish to suit everyone.

The Yves Rocher was a dream to apply, very smooth and slick, though I found it highlighted imperfections and flaky skin. With it's sheer finish it would be perfect for those trying to build up their confidence with bold lips.

 Next up is an offering from Rimmel, a bold lip for the bold vixen in all of us, this is sure to get you noticed. As with all matte lipsticks a good slick of balm is handy to put on before.

 Lastly we have a lipgloss from No. 7, complete with christmas-tastic shimmer and a soft-not-too-sticky consistency this is sure to add some glam to any look.

Meg x