Monday, 24 September 2012

New room inspiration

So for a lot of people they are either moving into halls at uni or maybe a house and have a room ready to decorate as they wish (within reason). I put together a little collage with inspiration all sourced from tumblr. Now I know a lot of these aren't exactly possible but you can take inspiration from colour schemes and little bits and pieces ( like the lovely quote from what looks like magazine pages?)

Meg x

Friday, 21 September 2012

Win Louboutins with e-tailwebstores

click here for a chance to win Louboutins! I am a shoe-aholic so I am very happy that writing this post gets me 25 extra entries!

Meg x

Berlin there done that + Technic crackle top coat

I paired these two varnishes together for an Army themed night in town. I actually thought it worked really well and I will certainly be using this combo again with A/W outfits.

Meg x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Delilah dust. skulls and crosses.

I recently took advantage of Delilah Dust's flash sale and treated myself to some lovely goodies. When it arrived I opened my package to lovely lilac packaging and cute business cards.

Aren't they adorable! the side cross is a necklace and the skull a bracelet which now adorns my wrist everyday. I love the new addition to my jewellery box and would recommend everyone check them out!

Meg x

Friday, 14 September 2012

Whilst I was trawling around boots trying to resist the urge to purchase yet more beautifying things (which failed, I only went in to get a meal deal). I spotted that Boots had an offer on their skin care, I saw this simply sensitive eye cream had been reduced to £1.74 and just had to snap it up. My eyes are definitely sensitive, even my Bioderma has once again started irritating them ( post here) so something specially formulated for them was a must. When I first put this cream on there was an instant cooling and soothing effect, it then sank in rather nicely and with no greasy residue.  My eyes certainly are more refreshed and awake after using this cream and for the price I am thoroughly impressed.

Meg x

Thursday, 13 September 2012

tiptoeing to the wild side.

Everyone loves animal print, including myself! Though a lot of time I just do not have the balls confidence, to be loud and proud and would rather just 'nod' to the trend. All these items are from Next and I think they make a lovely subtle day time look. I chose a casual yet flatteringly shaped  jumper (£35) and jeans (£42)  as comfort is essential, especially if you are running around doing errands, or even just lazing about! I then tied in the colour on the jumper with some flat  brogues (£30) in a gorgeous neutral beige colour which would just go with everything, and a roomy tote  bag (£28) big enough for all the day time essentials. I love all the different textures in this outfit, from the knit of the top, suede-ness of the shoes to the shiny leather look details on the bag. 

Also available on the Next are these items.The peplum top is bang on trend in both shape and print, definitely a top that could easily take you from day to night. The dress that to me is reminiscent of snake skin would be perfect with some heels for evening drinks and a meal. Once again texture comes heavily to play with these stunning heels, you definitely don't need a snazzy outfit with these on your feet, keep it simple and let the shoes talk.

Meg x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Charles Worthington Dry Conditioner.

As I said in this post I have recently dyed my hair red, and so the on going battle of fighting the fade begins! One thing that I do to try and keep my colour looking fresh is washing it less often, that may sound grim, but this is where the ever faith full dry shampoo comes in ( I am still using my shimmer batiste, review here). Though that may sort out grease it does nothing for the dry ends of my hair, and normally the reason I would wash my hair would be to get some conditioner on my ends! Recently I discovered dry conditioner, the same concept as dry shampoo, but to add nourishment and moisture to the ends of your hair, rather than clean the roots. In boots there was a 3 for 2 across all hair care so I picked up this dry conditioner along with some other bits and bobs.

When I sprayed this on the parched ends of my unwashed hair I was impressed with the instant softness and shine that adorned my mop. My hair didn't feel oily or sticky, just sleek, I used this quite a few days in a row,  there was no nasty build up and the results were always the same. The feeling doesn't last forever, however I think this is absolutely ideal for when you want to go on a night out and don't have quite enough time to wash your hair, or just want one extra day from your blow dry.

Meg x

Friday, 7 September 2012

£50 boohoo style challenge

I recently got emailed by Karen Robinson from  where, to celebrate Boohoo making it in to their top 10 fashion saving websites, I got asked to create an outfit on a budget of £50 from the boohoo website. I decided to go with the kind of outfit that I would wear for casual evening drinks with friends in a bar (very specific lol).

I started off with this cut out dress (£12) which I found in the clearance section of boohoo, I love the sneaky peek of flesh through the cut out which definitely makes it evening wear worthy. The plain block colour also means it can be mixed with almost anything in your wardrobe, everybody loves a versatile piece. I then saw this cropped denim jacket (£15) again from the clearance section, This is not only a good cover up but the cropped shape means it will draw the eye to the gorgeous cut out detailing, all this gives the illusion of a smaller waist. Flatforms definitely took off not too long ago, though with the usual suspect being black a went for these orange flatforms (£15) to inject a pop of colour into my outfit. I then echoed the orange in this patterned purse (£8) the only item in this outfit not from the clearance section! I think this ties in with the shoes really well and I am actually very impressed with the outfit I have managed to create.

Total = £50.

Meg x

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hypnotic Red.

So, as autumn rolls around I decided I wanted to dye my hair red. I have been red before and it is always a favourite of mine against the browns and golds of autumn. I should tell you a little bit about my 'hair history' most recently my hair was bleached blonde all over, this killed my hair so I then got a lot of it cut off and dyed a dark brown. Then at the beginning of summer I had some highlights put in the underneath layers of my hair to lighten it up for my holiday, and that is how it was at the start of this process. ( my hair is unstyled in all these photos)

              Colour B4- £11.99 from boots (link)                                         live colour xxl - £5.49 from boots (link)
                                               My hair before colour b4 application
This was after the colour b4. I chose this product as I really did not want to bleach my hair yet again ( this works by shrinking the colour molecules so they can be washed away). It smells pretty foul, and after an hours processing time there is then quite a lengthy 'washing and buffering' process.It definitely removed some colour from my hair (the top is my natural hair colour). Due to the 'buffering' process which restores your hair's ph you can colour straight after using  the product, which is what I did, and......

Tada! it is a little bit patchy but I did expect that due to the big differences in my starting hair colour. My hair feels in lovely condition, though still slightly whiffy :( I can't wait to style it when I go out this evening!

anyone else thinking of a hair colour change?

Meg x

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dahlia fashion

Head over to Dahlia's facebook page now to be in with a chance of winning 2 stunning blouses. The clothes this brand produces really are exquisite, collars feature heavily and they even have some leather look skirts much like that one from Primark which had everyone raving. I prefer Dahlia's version due to the cute detail along the hem. Even if you don't win their competition you'll be sure to snap up something cute in their sale, I've got my eye on that pearl detail open shouldered blouse!

Meg x

Floral Doc Martens.

body suit worn as top- republic sale//shorts- customised ralph lauren jeans via ebay//shoes- mums closet!

With the weather struggling to make up it's mind about whether to fully immerse ourselves in autumn or not I though I would do a kind of transitional outfit. Autumnal colours but still a general summer outfit, just remove the tights if it hots up and you're good to go!

Meg x

Monday, 3 September 2012

Skull bracelet giveaway at sweetmonday!

head over to Kim's blog 'sweetmonday' to win an awesome skull bracelet here. This bracelet is the perfect nod to the gothic/grunge trend if you are not ready to embrace it fully yet! pair it with black leggings, long top and smudged eyeliner or even use it along with a leather jacket to grunge up a pretty dress, the choices are endless, I wish you the best of luck!
If you can't wait until then to adorn yourself with some bones then here are some finds on Asos, ( isn't the bag lush! the only pb bag I have seen without those rosettes which I just do not get on with)

Meg x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Thumbs the word. with imPRESS nails

As I mentioned in this post I received some imPRESS nails in my Glossybox. I was wary of using them as my nails are already a fair length, and I have never really agreed with temporary false nails, preferring instead to get a professional set applied. So I instead decided to use them to dabble some practice nail designs on (which as you can see didn't go too well!) 

I found it quite difficult to find the right sizes for my nails, you can see this quite plainly in the first picture on my middle finger. I also would like to file these nails to alter the shape somewhat to look a bit more natural. However I love this colour ( they have lots of fab designs, see here) and the tab application was very easy. They have lasted all day and still seem to be stuck on firm which is good! If these nails last the week which they claim I will be very impressed. 

Due to the price tag (around £8-9) and the fact that my nails are fairly long anyway I don't think I would go out and buy these myself, however if you are a falsie fan then I would say to give them a try!

Edit (day after posting original post): Today 2 of my nails have pinged off and it is not even 3pm!
Meg x