Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hypnotic Red.

So, as autumn rolls around I decided I wanted to dye my hair red. I have been red before and it is always a favourite of mine against the browns and golds of autumn. I should tell you a little bit about my 'hair history' most recently my hair was bleached blonde all over, this killed my hair so I then got a lot of it cut off and dyed a dark brown. Then at the beginning of summer I had some highlights put in the underneath layers of my hair to lighten it up for my holiday, and that is how it was at the start of this process. ( my hair is unstyled in all these photos)

              Colour B4- £11.99 from boots (link)                                         live colour xxl - £5.49 from boots (link)
                                               My hair before colour b4 application
This was after the colour b4. I chose this product as I really did not want to bleach my hair yet again ( this works by shrinking the colour molecules so they can be washed away). It smells pretty foul, and after an hours processing time there is then quite a lengthy 'washing and buffering' process.It definitely removed some colour from my hair (the top is my natural hair colour). Due to the 'buffering' process which restores your hair's ph you can colour straight after using  the product, which is what I did, and......

Tada! it is a little bit patchy but I did expect that due to the big differences in my starting hair colour. My hair feels in lovely condition, though still slightly whiffy :( I can't wait to style it when I go out this evening!

anyone else thinking of a hair colour change?

Meg x

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