Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Charles Worthington Dry Conditioner.

As I said in this post I have recently dyed my hair red, and so the on going battle of fighting the fade begins! One thing that I do to try and keep my colour looking fresh is washing it less often, that may sound grim, but this is where the ever faith full dry shampoo comes in ( I am still using my shimmer batiste, review here). Though that may sort out grease it does nothing for the dry ends of my hair, and normally the reason I would wash my hair would be to get some conditioner on my ends! Recently I discovered dry conditioner, the same concept as dry shampoo, but to add nourishment and moisture to the ends of your hair, rather than clean the roots. In boots there was a 3 for 2 across all hair care so I picked up this dry conditioner along with some other bits and bobs.

When I sprayed this on the parched ends of my unwashed hair I was impressed with the instant softness and shine that adorned my mop. My hair didn't feel oily or sticky, just sleek, I used this quite a few days in a row,  there was no nasty build up and the results were always the same. The feeling doesn't last forever, however I think this is absolutely ideal for when you want to go on a night out and don't have quite enough time to wash your hair, or just want one extra day from your blow dry.

Meg x

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