Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mum never taught me to iron....

So let this picture be a lesson, what you see when you look down is not necessarily what others see. I did know that my new gorgeous blazer ( I am slightly in love with it) could do with ironing, but I was in a rush and my friend insisted the creases would fall out when I had it on. Anyway I have been wanting a colour pop blazer for ages, I knew that I didn't want anything to structured and suit-jacket like, and that I wanted a mouthwatering-ly bright colour for summer. I am on a scrimpy student budget so was beginning to lose hope in ever finding a cheap but decent blazer untill I stumbled across this beauty in the republic sale! It's a lovely silky chiffony material and the only downsize is my stubby little arms get hidden In the sleeves!
The blazer was my main focus on this post really as I just love it, however, my dress was from the new look sale and so was my necklace, sometimes I really do like new look's items ( this necklace will be a summer staple) however the quality does seem to let them down slightly ( this dress is completely sheer and had fraying threads) my shoes I picked up from a charity shop, In hindsight they look like slightly the wrong colour but they sure are comfy.
P.S sorry for the crop I was in the middle of talking/shouting at my friend

how do you feel about colour pop blazers?

Meg x

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

H&M with Anna Dello Russo

"Among many stylish things, Anna Dello Russo is Fashion Director at Large and creative consultant at Vogue Japan, and, as of this autumn, new accessories designer for H&M. ADR, as she's known in the business, announced she will be launching the range with the Swedish high street retailer in October. 'As a stylist I know accessorization is essential: it is the personal touch to any outfit. With these pieces everybody can have fun, turning an ordinary day into a fantastic fashion day', she says of the forthcoming range. In celebration of this high-street high-fashion hook up, Guardian Fashion rounds up seven key ADR looks and speculates as to what ideas will make it into the H&M collection" (gaurdian)

Oooh I do just love anything that glitters! Everything in this photo has a very decadent vintage feel to it which I love, the pops of colour are drawing me in as well. Can definitely see these pieces making an evening outfit spectacular! what are your thoughts on this collaboration?

Meg x

on sale from October 4th

Thursday, 10 May 2012

attack of the flats

tk maxx

barratts ( i think??)

same as above

Nike online

These shoes are probably my most well worn flats ( these are practically all of my flats apart from some standard flip flops that you buy in a rush before you get your plane, and a pair of boots which have disappeared)

The first two pairs, my slipper shoes and my brogues are what I call my 'power flats' quite smart flat shoes that I could wear if I was working in an office or going to an event where I wont be able to face heels. I am in love with my slipper shoes and was just drawn to there bright colour like a moth to a flame! they are my latest addition, however they annoyingly rub on the back of  my left foot, hopefully this will go away with wear. 

I then have my boots which were my winter staple to keep my tootsies from the cold and snow, ever so comfy and warm!

and then my Nike 6.0 high tops ( in desperate need of a clean I know!) these I generally just wear every day.

Meg x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What a hoot

Unfortunately I haven't got a camera cable at the moment ( I remembered to bring everything else back to uni but that!) so will have a lack of my own photo posts for a while. This I took a while ago and it popped into my head when I rediscovered this necklace last night lost forlornly down the back of a chest of draws.  I picked it up from topshop when they had a sale on and wore it quite religiously for a while, it is a long gold chain with a small black owl wearing a crown. It gives a perfect bit of interesting-ness to any outfit. My nails in this photo are O.P.I rising star underneath technic crackle effect top coat.

Have you rediscovered any lost loves lately?

Meg x