Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mum never taught me to iron....

So let this picture be a lesson, what you see when you look down is not necessarily what others see. I did know that my new gorgeous blazer ( I am slightly in love with it) could do with ironing, but I was in a rush and my friend insisted the creases would fall out when I had it on. Anyway I have been wanting a colour pop blazer for ages, I knew that I didn't want anything to structured and suit-jacket like, and that I wanted a mouthwatering-ly bright colour for summer. I am on a scrimpy student budget so was beginning to lose hope in ever finding a cheap but decent blazer untill I stumbled across this beauty in the republic sale! It's a lovely silky chiffony material and the only downsize is my stubby little arms get hidden In the sleeves!
The blazer was my main focus on this post really as I just love it, however, my dress was from the new look sale and so was my necklace, sometimes I really do like new look's items ( this necklace will be a summer staple) however the quality does seem to let them down slightly ( this dress is completely sheer and had fraying threads) my shoes I picked up from a charity shop, In hindsight they look like slightly the wrong colour but they sure are comfy.
P.S sorry for the crop I was in the middle of talking/shouting at my friend

how do you feel about colour pop blazers?

Meg x


  1. I LOVE colour pop blazers and this one is perfect! I've been hunting for a coral one for a while (didn't think to check out Republic, good find!) and also a mint-y colour one is on my list too ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

    1. I want to own all the colour of the rainbow twice! once in brights then once in pastels, I seriously cannot get enough x