Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What a hoot

Unfortunately I haven't got a camera cable at the moment ( I remembered to bring everything else back to uni but that!) so will have a lack of my own photo posts for a while. This I took a while ago and it popped into my head when I rediscovered this necklace last night lost forlornly down the back of a chest of draws.  I picked it up from topshop when they had a sale on and wore it quite religiously for a while, it is a long gold chain with a small black owl wearing a crown. It gives a perfect bit of interesting-ness to any outfit. My nails in this photo are O.P.I rising star underneath technic crackle effect top coat.

Have you rediscovered any lost loves lately?

Meg x


  1. Love your nails ! And yes, I've rediscovered my favourite bracelet ! And I'm happy now haha :D Kiss x


  2. These nails are really pretty!
    Cute owl necklace.
    JS xx