Tuesday, 28 February 2012

GHD free

So as I mentioned in my birthday post I received a lovely pair of GHDs  for my birthday. However I am now planning on giving my hair a break, as it is in disastrous condition as I am an avid user of heat on my tresses and even though I do use heat protection etc it's taken quite a knock. So I am planning on using my GHDs only once a week ( instead of every day) at the most. And also going use a variety of deep conditioning products. I will report back with how I have done and which products I love!

 Meg x

Monday, 27 February 2012


I braved a make-up-less face throughout the day, daring!! - on York eye

So not only was the 21st of Febuary was my 19th  birthday, it was also pancake day too!
My day consisted of waking up and opening my cards with all my lovely friends, including one who had travelled all the way from wales!. I had lots of cards most containing money, my main present that I had was scarlett GHDs from my lovely boyfriend! I seem to have the worse luck with GHDs (have been through two pairs) so have been using cheaper straighteners for a while, I am so happy to finally have a pair again. ( However I am planning a "GHD free" post soon)
During the day of my birthday I went make up less! ( see photo!!) and it felt quite nice to let me skin breathe, especially as I knew how much make up I would be wearing that night for my timeline themed night out! our activities in the the day were, going on the York eye, which is basically a smaller version of the London eye but still very high up as far as I am concerned so I was a little bit on edge. We also went and got Fish pedicures, where little fish nibble all the dead skin of your feetIt is not the first one I have but it still takes a lot of getting used to, you feel like your feet are just being vibrated. I did notice a difference in my skin though which was good.

has anyone else ever had Fish pedicures, what did you think?

Meg x

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Foundation favourites

It was my mum who first introduced me to bareMinerals products as she completely raved about them. At first I was very sceptical as I like quite heavy coverage on my face and did not think this could be achieved by just a powder. We went into our local Debenhams and a lovely lady ( though very heavily made up which I am not a fan of) tested some shade shades on me, I was "fairly light" the lightest shade. She applied the light weight powder to my  whole face with a very soft and fluffy brush. When she showed me the end however, I was disappointed, it had evened my skin tone and did not feel like I was wearing make up at all but it was not the coverage I wanted. after explaining this she then explained that "it was no problem at all" and I just had to apply with the heavier coverage brush, she did this and I was amazed! I never thought a powder foundation would have such good coverage! It is also pure minerals so I do not have to feel guilty if I forget to take it off at night, and it is lovely and gentle on my skin and feels weightless. On the spot I purchased their starter kit (available here at feelunique). In this you received two foundation shades, light and fairly light, although light is too dark for me unless I have a tan it worked great for contouring. You also receive warmth which is a very heavily pigmented bronzer and with some practice so you don't look orange gives a lovely tanned glow to the face.A mineral veil is included which I swear by, it seems to make my face look so much smoother even if I just use it on its own or on top of any make up I wear. The three brushes I received were; full flawless application brush ( big and soft, I use for light coverage and for soft contouring as well as application of mineral veil) flawless application face brush ( I use for heavier coverage, this has got slightly prickly with use) and maximum coverage concealer brush* I have re purchased larger single pots of my foundation shade and cannot recommend this product enough.I am hoping to try some of their eye shadows and other products soon!

* This brush was for use with "bisque" which I received in my starter kit, this was a concealer powder particularly for under the eyes and spots. This was a slightly off colour on me so I found myself just applying the foundation with the brush which worked fine. This product has since been replaced with bareMinerals face primer in the starter kit. I tried the primer too and it left my skin feeling silky and smooth however I preferred to just use moisturiser before my make up application to save on costs.

has anyone else ever used these products? what do you think?

Meg x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines day

So although I did not have my other half this valentines due to him working away I still got in the spirit and gave my nails a valentines treat for a night with the girls!
I started off by preparing my nails with a base coat of Rimmel London 5 in one nail care, a good product which is not too expensive. I then applied two coats of Ruby and Millie nail colour in Pink 450c, a bright pink that is not for the faint hearted! I do own "Bring on the bling" by OPI which is a gorgeous glitter nail varnish ( though unfortunately mine has gone a bit gloopy) but I felt that gold glitter wouldn't have looked right for these nails. So in an experimental moment I used glitter eye liner instead, I just used a cheap silver glitter eye liner to dab on the ends of my nails and slowly drag down to get a graduated effect. When this was dry I then used my Rimmel base coat as a sealer,worked perfectly!

Meg x

P.s In the second picture I thought the big box of love hearts my boyfriend got me last weekend would be a suitable "prop". It also a gentle reminder to myself that I must try MUAs love hearts collection! So cheap and chic.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Dip Dye

Not too long ago I had quite a drastic hair change, From long blonde with pink dip dye to a short dark crop with a full fringe. There are things that I miss and don't miss about my old hair, the main thing I am happy to say good bye to is the terrible condition it was in! as you can see from the photo my hair was particularly frazzled as I am an avid user of straighteners and a lot of bleach had been used on my hair. I do have a selection of my favourite products which I feel have done the best at restoring my hairs vitality but that is for another post. I am now toying with the idea of getting another colour in my hair (my hair is a reddy shade so pink would not look as good any more) possibly as a slice or dip dye, maybe in purple or blue. However I am undecided as of yet and ofc that would mean a bleaching on my hair to lift the dark colour I have now. I think having colours in your hair is a great way to show your personality however you must remember that colours will fade quickly and need touching up, also depending on your original hair colour and type it may take a more longer and harder process on your hair to get to the end result.

Meg x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Snow photos





I haven't picked up a camera in ages so these pictures are kind of me finding my feet again.

1. Me and my flat mate went for a walk into the snow to have a general natter and take some pictures. As she bent down to take a picture she got flocked by pigeons! It was the funniest thing I ever saw, one of them just stayed perched on her back long enough for her to calm down and smile (kind of) for the camera, she even had two on her back at one point.
2. I liked this picture because while the three grey pigeons are interested in the havoc which my friend was creating below the tree the white one ( could've been a dove, I didn't see the tail) was staring straight at me. I also like the general composition of this photo.

3&4. These two pictures are me just messing around more than anything. This is when me and my boyfriend ventured into the snow. He is wearing sturdy supra's which kept his feet bone dry whereas I hadn't packed for snowy weather so only had my office boots where snow leaked through the laces!

Meg x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Latest purchase: brogues

As you can see I purchased these brogues for a bargain 10 pounds from Barrats. I tend to go through shoes like underwear due to distributing my weight unevenly on my feet and these seem like nice sturdy shoes. They’re also very comfortable and in a lovely matte black leather like material with intricate detailing work which I adore! I am a big fan of the adrogynous look on other people however  I feel I can never embrace it fully due to having a fuller figure which I have not found the right adrogynous style clothes for yet. However these shoes are a nice touch and can be easily worn with anything, I paired them with some ankle grazer jeans for a drink in my local bar earlier this week and plan on wearing them for a business themed social tonight with a pencil skirt dress and suit jacket!

Meg x

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

trend alert

The picture at the very top  is Louis Vuitton’s spring 2012 spring campaign, showing that pastels are still around to stay! There is no better way to banish the January blues than to start planning your outfits for the warmer weather, and for me, nothing says sunshine like floaty pastels. This shirt I think is a perfect summer staple, it is sheer so you will need to wear a cami underneath, unless you have an oh so pretty bra to show off. It is also so versatile! It can be layered, belted, done up, undone, or used as a cover-up if you are by the beach on holiday in your bikini, or need to pop into the shops while you are sunbathing. If you want to be a bit more covered up then these jeans available in a gorgeous array of summer colours are perfect. Of course pastels can also be worn in the chillier months; I have fallen head over heels for this cable knit jumper as it reminds me of my childhood jumpers that I would get trussed up in on a cold day, though unlike  the pieces back then this is cute and wearable, with just a hint of nostalgia.  Jewellery completes every outfit so if you are wanting some adornments to marry to your sherbet sweet clothes palette then this bracelet and this necklace, which I have come to adore for their dainty quirkiness, are fabulous. I also think that they would look equally good paired with just a plain white in order to show off the lovely muted colours.

P.S I am having trouble getting all my pictures next to each other in a post, so apologies while I figure that out!
Meg x

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Latest purchase: Leather

Leather is a trend that has been cropping up everywhere recently! Seen in the A/W 2011/12 catwalks for designers such as Alexander Mqueen , Givenchy and Ralph Lauren  and is also available on the high street. I have been keeping my eye out for a faux leather piece for a while but did not feel like I could embrace a complete leather item such as trousers or a whole dress which were unfortunately all I could find. I then stumbled across this skirt, down from £35 to £15. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been in Jane Norman as it is not usually my style but the “70% off!!!” signs were just too much for me to ignore. This skirt for me is the perfect subtle look I was going for. It is a brilliant fit and did wonders for my curves, smoothing out my loathed “butterfly” hip shape, whilst also being extremely flattering on my flatmates athletic shape (we both ended up buying it). As with most body con skirts it does have the tendency to rise up and it doesn’t look like the most expensive garment but if you wanted to dabble with the trend I would definitely recommend it. 

meg x