Friday, 10 February 2012

Snow photos





I haven't picked up a camera in ages so these pictures are kind of me finding my feet again.

1. Me and my flat mate went for a walk into the snow to have a general natter and take some pictures. As she bent down to take a picture she got flocked by pigeons! It was the funniest thing I ever saw, one of them just stayed perched on her back long enough for her to calm down and smile (kind of) for the camera, she even had two on her back at one point.
2. I liked this picture because while the three grey pigeons are interested in the havoc which my friend was creating below the tree the white one ( could've been a dove, I didn't see the tail) was staring straight at me. I also like the general composition of this photo.

3&4. These two pictures are me just messing around more than anything. This is when me and my boyfriend ventured into the snow. He is wearing sturdy supra's which kept his feet bone dry whereas I hadn't packed for snowy weather so only had my office boots where snow leaked through the laces!

Meg x

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