Thursday, 9 February 2012

Latest purchase: brogues

As you can see I purchased these brogues for a bargain 10 pounds from Barrats. I tend to go through shoes like underwear due to distributing my weight unevenly on my feet and these seem like nice sturdy shoes. They’re also very comfortable and in a lovely matte black leather like material with intricate detailing work which I adore! I am a big fan of the adrogynous look on other people however  I feel I can never embrace it fully due to having a fuller figure which I have not found the right adrogynous style clothes for yet. However these shoes are a nice touch and can be easily worn with anything, I paired them with some ankle grazer jeans for a drink in my local bar earlier this week and plan on wearing them for a business themed social tonight with a pencil skirt dress and suit jacket!

Meg x

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