Monday, 27 February 2012


I braved a make-up-less face throughout the day, daring!! - on York eye

So not only was the 21st of Febuary was my 19th  birthday, it was also pancake day too!
My day consisted of waking up and opening my cards with all my lovely friends, including one who had travelled all the way from wales!. I had lots of cards most containing money, my main present that I had was scarlett GHDs from my lovely boyfriend! I seem to have the worse luck with GHDs (have been through two pairs) so have been using cheaper straighteners for a while, I am so happy to finally have a pair again. ( However I am planning a "GHD free" post soon)
During the day of my birthday I went make up less! ( see photo!!) and it felt quite nice to let me skin breathe, especially as I knew how much make up I would be wearing that night for my timeline themed night out! our activities in the the day were, going on the York eye, which is basically a smaller version of the London eye but still very high up as far as I am concerned so I was a little bit on edge. We also went and got Fish pedicures, where little fish nibble all the dead skin of your feetIt is not the first one I have but it still takes a lot of getting used to, you feel like your feet are just being vibrated. I did notice a difference in my skin though which was good.

has anyone else ever had Fish pedicures, what did you think?

Meg x

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