Saturday, 11 February 2012

Dip Dye

Not too long ago I had quite a drastic hair change, From long blonde with pink dip dye to a short dark crop with a full fringe. There are things that I miss and don't miss about my old hair, the main thing I am happy to say good bye to is the terrible condition it was in! as you can see from the photo my hair was particularly frazzled as I am an avid user of straighteners and a lot of bleach had been used on my hair. I do have a selection of my favourite products which I feel have done the best at restoring my hairs vitality but that is for another post. I am now toying with the idea of getting another colour in my hair (my hair is a reddy shade so pink would not look as good any more) possibly as a slice or dip dye, maybe in purple or blue. However I am undecided as of yet and ofc that would mean a bleaching on my hair to lift the dark colour I have now. I think having colours in your hair is a great way to show your personality however you must remember that colours will fade quickly and need touching up, also depending on your original hair colour and type it may take a more longer and harder process on your hair to get to the end result.

Meg x

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  1. your hair looks in this picture a little bit damaged so you made the right choice to cut them :)