Thursday, 10 May 2012

attack of the flats

tk maxx

barratts ( i think??)

same as above

Nike online

These shoes are probably my most well worn flats ( these are practically all of my flats apart from some standard flip flops that you buy in a rush before you get your plane, and a pair of boots which have disappeared)

The first two pairs, my slipper shoes and my brogues are what I call my 'power flats' quite smart flat shoes that I could wear if I was working in an office or going to an event where I wont be able to face heels. I am in love with my slipper shoes and was just drawn to there bright colour like a moth to a flame! they are my latest addition, however they annoyingly rub on the back of  my left foot, hopefully this will go away with wear. 

I then have my boots which were my winter staple to keep my tootsies from the cold and snow, ever so comfy and warm!

and then my Nike 6.0 high tops ( in desperate need of a clean I know!) these I generally just wear every day.

Meg x

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