Sunday, 2 September 2012

Thumbs the word. with imPRESS nails

As I mentioned in this post I received some imPRESS nails in my Glossybox. I was wary of using them as my nails are already a fair length, and I have never really agreed with temporary false nails, preferring instead to get a professional set applied. So I instead decided to use them to dabble some practice nail designs on (which as you can see didn't go too well!) 

I found it quite difficult to find the right sizes for my nails, you can see this quite plainly in the first picture on my middle finger. I also would like to file these nails to alter the shape somewhat to look a bit more natural. However I love this colour ( they have lots of fab designs, see here) and the tab application was very easy. They have lasted all day and still seem to be stuck on firm which is good! If these nails last the week which they claim I will be very impressed. 

Due to the price tag (around £8-9) and the fact that my nails are fairly long anyway I don't think I would go out and buy these myself, however if you are a falsie fan then I would say to give them a try!

Edit (day after posting original post): Today 2 of my nails have pinged off and it is not even 3pm!
Meg x

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