Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sanctuary trim and tone body wrap review

trim and tone body wrap pack
instructions+measurement recorder, bandages, tape measure, body clay, exfoliating mitt
soaking the bandages
left over body clay

 I bough this wrap in a I-must-get-holiday-ready splurge. I remember it being in the sale for around 16-17 pound I think. It came in a nice pack with a useful clear bag which will no doubt be re-used as a make up or toiletry bag. 

Step 1: Measure. Measure the circumference of the area you are treating in 4 different places a couple of centimeters apart before you begin and record measurements on chart.

This was a little bit tricky with one person on areas such as arms and making sure the tape is not twisted etc, a friend would be helpful! although it says to measure 4x I only did once to save time. 

Step 2: Prepare. Remove bandages from plastic wrappers and place in sink with warm water, do not unroll. allow them to warm while you prepare your skin. Exfoliate the treatment area using the dry loofah mitt. Rub the loofah on clean, dry skin in circular movements until skin is flushed,this stimulates circulation and allows the clay to penetrate more effectively.

The loofah I found very abrasive and a bit too rough on my delicate skin, although it was effective I would have preferred something a bit less harsh.

Step 3: Apply. Smooth clay in a thin even layer over treatment area. Keeping bandage rolled squeeze out as much water as possible, begin to wrap starting from lowest point upwards.

This was again a step where a friend would have been appreciated. The bandages are very long ( I cut one in half so I could do both my thighs, tummy and arms in one application as I only originally had 4 bandages) and it was a bit fiddly to get them wrapped in a nice even pressure without flicking clay everywhere. 

Step 4: Relax. Wrap your body in a warm towel or loose clothing. Stay warm and relax for a minimum of 60 minutes. At the end of the treatment time remove the bandages and rinse or flannel off any remaining clay and pat dry.

This was the easiest part! I snuggled in my boyfriends dressing gown and watched tv for a blissful hour.


After washing the clay off I did feel slightly firmer, but I knew that was probably just in my head and the proof would be in the measurements.  

arms: 0.8 inch total loss
thighs: 2 inch total loss
stomach: 0 inch total loss

Although it is not the most dramatic loss, and these measurements can't even be completely credible as I went by memory on where I last measured and the trickiness of one person tape measuring. However My skin felt very soft and the loss did make me feel very good about myself.  I doubt that I would purchase this if it was not on sale however I am happy with the price I bought it for as I have enough clay for more applications and it offers me a nice few hours of relaxation if nothing else. 

Meg x

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