Monday, 19 November 2012

Breaking dawn part 2; the film (no spoilers), the sound track and the premier outfits.

So on Saturday me, two of my house mates and my boyfriend (yes he actually wanted to come!) went along to our local city screen cinema to see the latest, and final, twilight offering. We also had a 'twilight marathon' beforehand to refresh our memories. Having sped through all the books at ridiculous speed when they were released I found my memory very hazy and was happily unaware of the finer details and plots of the film. Without giving too much away I really enjoyed it, some things did irk me a little bit (the baby and the ending) but a lot of it I really enjoyed. I'm not saying this saga has changed my life or even had as much significance to me as Harry Potter, but for me I found it the right balance of romance with action and not to deep or shallow. I found this saga perfect to put on when having a sleepover with my girlfriends. Numerous arguments would erupt over whether team Edward or Jacob is the best there would be the occasional "Bella is a hussy" shout and collective "ooohs" accompanied by dreamy sighs when a flash of flesh is shown, definitely worth a watch.

The soundtrack to these films I have always particularly loved, from Bella's lullaby in the first film to the later offerings from Christina perri and now Green day. There has been unhappy customers with Green day's accompaniment to the film as it is a cry from their punk rock-y roots, but I love it. The majority of my favourite songs from Green day have been their slower ballads and I think they do both styles well and with ease. I have included a video of both the songs for you to make your own mind up.

Also grabbing fans attentions were the daring outfits Kristen Stewart showcased at the premier. I have a picture of her black ensemble which she donned for the U.K premier and also her gold gown which she wowed the crowd with in L.A.

 I personally prefer the gold more, it is risqué enough for her to be noticed and remembered, shows off her figure gorgeously and she compliments it with minimal jewellery  punchy lips and copper shadow to bring out her green eyes. An all together classier look. The black outfit I thought was a bit off a miss, I am not a fan of the flared trousers, whereas I think the top half of the outfit is beautiful. If the bottom was a long dress or even skinny trousers (she has the figure to pull it off!) I would have liked this outfit a lot more. If you have seen the outfit from behind you would have notice the heart shaped fabric covering her derrière. This was another facet that I wasn't to keen on and would have much preferred it too look more like trousers? (I hope you kind of get the gist with that). 

Anyway that is enough of my incessant ramblings, what did you think of the film/soundtrack/outfits?

Meg x

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