Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Feather extensions

Feather extensions are actually something I had a year ago, but seeing as they are cropping up once more I thought I should mention them. I don't actually have any proper photos of them in their full glory but here are some webcam pics I shot at the time;
I hope you can see them well enough. I bought my feather extensions from feather ray where I got the "Naturals mix red" I think I might've paid slightly less for them but they do explain that prices have risen in line with wholesale prices. They arrived as individual 'feather' strands with a needle-threader like tool and small metal rings. Putting them in was fairly easy, I worked out which strands I wanted to go together and where I wanted them placed.  Then used the threader to thread a metal ring onto my hair stopping about an inch from my roots. I poked the particular feathers I wanted into the ring, used a pair of pliers (had to call in a favour, not something I usually have lying around) to squeeze the ring shut trapping the hair and feathers inside and hey presto! a lovely bohemian kinda look, perfect for festivals! These definitely gave my hair some pizzaz and I loved the colours. Even better? they can be washed, straightened, curled, anything! you can treat them exactly as you do your own hair.

You do have to be careful when you brush your hair as you can catch the ring, also when putting them in remember squeeze it flat against your head ( I did it the other way and it stuck out). I think these lasted an ok amount of time, a few times when 1 fell out I would just use the pliers to slightly open and close the rings again putting the feather back in. Then when they really were finito I  plaited the feathers into a bracelet, which I then lost (scatter brain).

Overall I would definitely try these out if you are looking to give your hair something extra, there is a wide range of colour combinations and lengths available from feather ray including the ever popular ombre. And also clip in styles if that's more your thing :)

Meg x

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