Friday, 8 February 2013

Elizabeth Arden Mineral powder foundation- Bargain find!

I once blogged ages ago about my love for bare minerals foundations, unfortunately once I started uni I just couldn't justify the price when I seemed to go through it so quickly. So then started a long hard trawl through numerous cheaper liquid foundations, some good, some bad, some plain ugly! But then, as I was browsing the shelves of tk maxx, I see Elizabeth Arden's mineral powder foundation for just £10! I immediately picked it up and took it home.  

First off I love the packaging, It has a nice expensive feel to it and an oh-so satisfying 'clicky' lid closure. The product is a solid and a little grate allows you to twist and grind some product up for use. I adore this, it means no nasty spills in my make up bag and you are a lot more aware of how much product you are actually using. A little powder puff is included, but I buffed it on using my bare minerals brush. I used it on top of a BB cream and ended up with a nice, luminous, medium coverage, nearly-matte finish. I scrutinised my face in the mirror too look for any dry-skin-clings or large pores but all I saw a lovely, flawless looking base. This foundation also has SPF 20PA ++ (SPF is protection from UVB rays, PA is protection from UVA rays) which is always a much appreciated bonus. So overall, I am really enjoying using this foundation, it is still early days but I can definitely see myself reaching for it a lot.

Meg x


  1. this sounds really lovely and i love a good clicky lid, haha

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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    1. haha I don't think any can resist a clicky lid! your blog is lovely and I have followed :) x