Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Korres pomegranate toner review

Bought from TK maxx for £4.99 (available from lookfantastic for the RRP of £14)

I am having a skincare boom at the moment, because lets face it, the state of your canvas makes all the difference to how your war paint goes on. After my recent bargain find in TK maxx ( Elizabeth Arden foundation, posted here) I now have a regular skulk around the aisles to see if any more gems can be found. On my last trip I spotted this tucked away at the back of the shelves, now I had heard so much about the Korres lip butters, and at around £9 cheaper than it's rrp (depending on where you shop) I decided to give it a go. 

First off, I love the packaging, I reminds me a bit of the philosophy range. Very minimalistic and chic, with a little nozzle in order to pour out just the right amount of product. This product promises to gently tone and cleanse the skin, reducing excess oil and leaving a smooth and matte finish whilst tightening pores. I focus this product on my t-zone, where I am oiliest, straight away the excess oil is gone and my skin looks matte but still glowy. It definitely gives my skin a thorough clean, with the cotton pad getting a bit grubby despite me giving my face what I thought a good clean prior. With a few uses of this product I have definitely seen a difference in the oily-ness of my skin and my pore size which has been reduced, my only gripe is that my face is left slightly tight after use, but continuing my routine of serum and moisturiser sorts this out no problem!

Meg x

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