Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines day ombre lips

So with the romantic day fast approaching I thought I would share a nice, different look to rock for the big date. The lighter colour in the centre of the lips gives the illusion of a fuller pout. With this look he will also be drawn to your lips and I'm sure it wont be long 'till he goes in for a kiss!  I did quite a subtle variation of this look but by all means amp it up and mix up the colours for a look unique to you!

Firstly, prep. As I was using 2 Kate Moss for Rimmel matte lipsticks it was vital that I had smooth and nourished lips, as we all know how matte lipstick clings to any kind of imperfection! I gave my lips a bit of a scrub with a tooth brush to remove those pesky flakes, before slathering on Blistex's intensive moisturiser to make my lips kissably soft.

The actual process is pretty simple, I started with the shade 107, almost lining my lips before gently patting and smudging it in. I then took the lighter shade, 101, and put it on my finger first before dabbing into the centre, I repeated this process until it was the strength I desired! I did a very subtle version and left it quite natural as it was during the day but you an use many different colours, add gloss if desired and vary the intensity of the colour! this is a lovely tutorial from The London Lipgloss using darker, vampy colours!

Meg x


  1. Love your ombré lips, and your nose ring is awesome :)

    1. aw thankyou! i love your sense of style and have followed :) x