Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What I am loving...

This time I am obsessing over an app on my iPhone, music tube. I used the original youtube app on my phone for pretty much just listening to music, most of the time when I was on train journeys. This came with all sorts of problems with needing signal, having to stay on the app, you cant create playlists or let your phone go idle. However when I saw this new app I was very intrigued and as it was free I downloaded it, amazing! You search for your music video like normal, then when you have finished listening it is saved into a cached playlist. This playlist can be shuffled and can be listened to with no internet! This app can also be run in the back ground of another, so you can go on your messages etc whilst still listening to your tune.

I highly recommend this app, especially for the music lovers out there!

Meg x

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