Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What I am loving...

The sales! I know I am a bit late, and they are all actually probably ending now. However,  I have been loving snapping up additions to my wardrobe and shoe closet at ri-donk-ulous prices. I picked up a new pair of black heels and a some small heeled day time boots for £16! yes, you heard right £16 for 2 pairs of shoes that originally should have cost around £90! (they were snapped up at m&s btw) I have never before ventured in there for anything other than food but I was pleasantly surprised! I am still scouring the sales for a dress for my birthday /trip to Wales which is coming up so let me know of any good dress sales!

Meg x

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  1. Same!! Love the sales
    Currently wiring up a post about what i bought in the sales!