Saturday, 7 July 2012

A cheap hair miracle

Bleaching + a sun and sea filled holiday = tresses in dire need of some lovin'! When I came back from holiday I not only had skin that had erupted but my hair had turned to straw, my friend even commented that my head looked like a ball of candy floss, not the look I was going for! I went into town with my friend and gave myself a budget for clothes and something for my locks. Panic ensued when I was in Primark having spent my budget and no time to go Boots or Superdrug, then this little flask of Argan oil caught my eye. At £2.50 I thought it was a little bit steep for such a small amount of product and Primark for me did not exactly scream "quality!" however I picked it up and rushed home to try it. After washing and towel drying my hair I went to put a bit of oil on the ends before blow drying, this was my first surprise! I expected quite a cheap watery oil but it was thick and I only needed the smallest amount, this made the price seem pretty reasonable. Then after drying my hair I was amazed! It was so soft and shiny and felt better than it had in weeks! If you are battling with dry hair I would definitely recommend this, especially as a "first time" product. I also found out from a friend that she swears by Primark lashes! maybe I should have a little more faith in the Primark beauty stand.

Have you ever tried any beauty products from primark? what do you think?

Meg x

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  1. nice!

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