Thursday, 19 July 2012

Yankee candle review

Yankee candles were once all the rage, I know now that Neom candles seems to have taken over the spotlight, but Yankee's still hold a place in many hearts. Except for mine that is! I honestly really wanted to like this little set which I purchased from e-bay via Yankee-Outlet. However the smell just wasn't there as much as I had hoped! as you can see I burnt them a lot to try and change my mind, and if I lift their lids now the and take a whiff the smell is very strong but I just can't seem to smell it when they are burning unless the candle is wafted under my nose, but I'm hardly going to do that all the time. The quality of the smell along with the price of Yankee products ( this trio of 3.7 oz candles set me back £17) really does not appeal to me and I do not find it worth it. I haven't given up completely on Yankee products, If I see a candle for cheap I may pick it up and have another go. However I know want to try Neom and see how my nose fares with their wares! ( sorry I couldn't resist)

how do you feel about Yankee products? are their any other scented candles you would reccommend?

Meg x

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