Friday, 20 July 2012

Tanning series: St. Moriz instant self tanning lotion, St. Tropez dupe?

The next faux glow maker to come in my series in something that has been named a St. Tropez dupe by many. This lotion I bought for a ridiculously cheap price at a local shop near my uni, i know it can be bought on ebay and online for around £3-4.  I have the lotion, but it is also available in a spray and a mousse. I actually did a full body application of this last night to prepare for a flesh baring hot tub party today ( though the weather is suggesting this is not going to happen) so all details are fresh in my mind. Firstly, the lotion itself, I am a pale skinned girl so the colour of the lotion when it dispensed out of the bottle scared me a little bit, very dark! I did toy with the idea of mixing it with a moisturiser to calm it down a bit  but we decided against it and just cracked on. Next, the application, I actually got my mum to help me a lot with my back and all the fiddly places and we found that it dried quite quickly, which would be a plus except it means you have to rub it in at full speed!the initial dark hue makes for a good guide colour and an instant Ibiza like glow. However to me it looked a bit patchy and streaky, no matter how hard we rubbed it in, so I went to bed a little apprehensive of what the morning would bring. So, I have woken up and I am actually extremely happy with the results! I keep scrutinising my body to find the streaks that plagued me the night before but they seem to have just blended in and gone. The colour is gorgeous and having used the St. Tropez spray for me the colour pay off is the same. My bed sheets are also a nice shade brown so be careful with that! 

have you got a favourite fake tan? do you go high end like St. Tropez or budget buys like St. Moriz?

Meg x

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