Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lips like sugar; diy lip scrub

In my bath I have an adorable little pot of a lemon meringue sugar scrub, I love using the sweet smelling and tasting granules to keep my lips smooth but i'm sure I could make one myself from things usually found in the kitchen. I would then know it is completely organic and I am not putting any nasties on my lips and would also be saving money. There are sooo many diy lip scrubs on the internet and the general rule is if they have something granulated in them (sugar is the best as you wouldn't want any stray salt getting in your mouth!) then it will work.

coconut oil + honey + sugar = a perfect pucker!

the oil will moisturise your lips while the sugar will gently exfoliate away and flaky skin and the honey will help seal in the moisture, lush! play around with the measurements until you find a consistency you like and works for you. a table spoon of both coconut oil and honey with 2 spoons of sugar is a good place to start. Just be careful you don't get tempted to eat it to satisfy a serious sweet tooth craving!

Meg x

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