Sunday, 1 July 2012

Clinique chubby stick review

While on holiday I thought I would do a bit of shopping at the end to finish of my euros. My beauty related purchases were; this chubby stick from clinique which I had been eying since it had been released ( I bought it for 15 euros with a discount). I bought in shade Mega Melon as I am still on my coral-y orange phase for summer. I'm actually really pleased with this purchase, it is lovely and moisturising with a nice shine and also a subtle hint of colour, like a balm, lipstick and gloss in one! I find it very easily to apply, even if I don't have a mirror I can sweep it on like a balm, with a mirror I kind of 'colour in' my lips with more precision like a lipstick. It looks like it will last a while as I only need a few swipes for my desired colour, so fingers crossed! I also bought a face and body soap from clinique formulated for break outs and spot prone skin as my face definitely took a turn for the worst on holiday! I have been using it twice and day and will give a bit of time before I give my verdict.

Meg x

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