Monday, 23 July 2012

Rockstar shellac nails

In this post I shared my uber sparkly coral nails which I sported for my holiday, I am now back with a very rockstar like version! A gorgeous gun-mental grey makes the base with silver sparkles added on top. I tried to get pictures to show the gorgeous glitter but it was a hard task!  These were done using shellac instead of a gel formula like my last. This involved a very similar process of each layer having to be cured and boasts similar results with a lovely smooth nail with a gorgeous colour and finish. It can really be specified how long your shellac manicure will last as it depends entirely on how your nails are looked after and what you do etc, but generally a shellac manicure will last longer than a regular nail varnish manicure ( considerably so) but less than a gel manicure. So brilliant if you don't want to commit for one colour for to long but also don't wan't the horror of chipping ( these nails kind of peel off in one if you do not want to remove them professionaly)  and unsightly polish applications. 

Do you get shellac or gel on your nails?

Meg x

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