Tuesday, 14 August 2012

August glossy box: international superstars

I will first mention that I loved the the timing of this box, actually in the middle of the month rather than towards the end! I was also pleasantly surprised when I opened it to find decent sized products, definitely an improvement, but what about the products themselves....

Allessandro pro white nail varnish
I have never come across a nail varnish designed to counteract the yellow-ness that over worked nails get, I am terrible with my nails so am very much forward to trying this out.
DHC deep cleansing oil
now I am a combination skin girl and in the warmer weather definitely lean more towards oily. So I was a bit weary of using and oil on my skin when my life is spent trying to reduce shine and greasiness. I didn't use much and when I patted my face dry I loved the results, there was no greasy film over my face, my skin just felt clean, I think I will enjoy using this.
Broadway nails im-PRESS manicure
I have always been intrigued by these but since I have quite long nails anyway I never saw the need to buy them, however now I have them I am excited to try out different nail art that would be too fiddly to try myself on my own nails, I'm already thinking of lots of ideas!
Vera Valenti eye shadow palette
when I first saw this I was a bit thrown off by the colours but nevertheless thought there would be a use for them. However when swatched the pigmentation was abysmal, he only colour actually showing up to a decent standard being the darkest brown. The packaging also looks cheap and nasty and I am really not very impressed with this product and do not see myself using it a lot if at all.
I have used lipcote before, it has a very strong smell and quite tingly at first application and also seems very drying on the lips when you have it on. However, it is literally the most fool proof way of keeping your lipstick put allll day and night. I remember years ago watching a programe, ( kind of like early snog marry avoid) and all these women were hosed down extremely forcefully to get rid of all their make up. They all appear looking barefaced and soaked apart from one girl who hasn't got a shred of make up on save for her smashing bright red lip, she thanked lipcote.
Glossybox lipstick in glossy pink
after what I thought was a sorry excuse for a brush appearing in my glossybox one month I did not have high hopes for this lipstick, however when swatched it seems richly pigmented and had a very creamy texture. I look forward to trying out this lipstick ( maybe with my new lipcote too!) too see how I feel about the colour on me.

Overall I am quite happy with this months glossy box, and I am excited too see what they bring to us next month.

do you subscribe to glossy box? what did you think of this months box?

Meg x

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