Monday, 20 August 2012

Batiste dry shampoo gold shimmer review.

batiste's dry shampoo's have been a go-to favourite of many for a long time. Now i'll be honest that dry shampoos have never really been essential to me (unless at a festival!), I have had a lee stafford dry shampoo (which unfortunately I am a bit disappointed with)  for a while now and never really bothered too much with it. However, as I popped into boots the other day I saw this bottle of batiste dry shampoo in gold shimmer on sale for £2, the packaging was gorgeous and retro looking, I couldn't resist and it was soon nestled in my shopping bag.

when I got round to trying it out, on my needing-a-wash hair, I was a little apprehensive of the 'gold shimmer'.  In my mind I was seeing myself as a young girl dousing my hair in glitter spray so that I resembled some kind of christmas tree decoration. Nevertheless I went ahead and hoped for the best.  My first reaction was yes, my greasy roots are gone. My hair also had a nice voluptuousness and oomph. I then put my nose to the mirror and searched for those gold flakes of glitter, alas I saw very few a breathed a sigh of relief, batiste's use of the word 'subtle' was correct.  

I sprayed my arm to try and show you the glitter, the particles really are tiny and I think a lot of them fall out with the brushing and styling of your hair. I made a little discovery during this and as I brushed all the residue off my arm I was left with a nice gold shimmer that I reckon would look lush with a tan for a night out or even a day trip!

have you tried this product before? what do you think?

Meg x

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