Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Hunger Games trilogy.

I have always loved books, ever since I was a child I always had my nose in something, and had a very high reading level for my age. I just loved being able to get lost in another world. However, I was pretty late onto The Hunger Games bandwagon, I have always preferred getting books from the library as opposed to buying them, as they were so popular there were near impossible to get. When my friend finished the trilogy that she had bought she kindly lent the first one to me.

I was hooked, I finished the first book in about a day ( I am a really fast reader) and waited impatiently to pick up the next ones. When I got them they were read with equal gusto.  I don't normally read this kind of genre of books, in the library I tend to gravitate towards the rom coms or drama-type things, never really any futuristic ( aside from a trilogy I read, th ebooks names, "prettys", "uglies" and "specials". i actually really enjoye dthem so don't know why I did not read mor eof the genre) or combat style writing. However I loved these books, it may because I had been in a bit of a reading rut and was just feeling uninspired, but I really didn't want to stop reading them! I would reccomend these books if you are stuck in a genre rut, as they seem kind of transitionary, not too focused on one thing, bit of a love story , futuristic, combat. Overall I really enjoyed this trilogy

have you read these books? what do you think of them?

Meg x


  1. I've read two of these books! I personally love the second one more! xx

  2. I find it hard to decide!x

  3. I loved themmmm, Catching fire was AMAZING xx