Saturday, 25 August 2012

MUA its all about the eyes

surprisingly this has been my first foray into MUA's cosmetics, I can tell you now it wont be my last! 
After hearing here there and everywhere that their undressed palette is a dupe of that urban decay palette and was a fraction on the price I couldn't resist! 
Unfortunately they didn't have the undressed palette in my local Superdrug ( though they did have a tempting variety of others!) so I hopped on the lappy and saw that MUA were currently selling it for £3 from their online store, result! I also picked up a liquid eye liner and pencil just cause I couldn't resist.

The eye shadow palette- £3
this is gorgeous! such a lovely range of shades and finishes, that all feel buttery and of amazing quality and pigmentation for just £3! .These shadows will easily take you from day to night and come encased in nice, sleek looking packaging that definitely does not allude to the price. ( sorry I haven't got any swatche sbut it really wasn't happening for me today)
The eyebrow pencil- £1
I am really impressed with this pencil, it is not to soft nor to hard and I find it very easy to get the right feathery strokes I use for my eye brows. It is also the perfect colour match for me and comes with a handy little brush on the end to keep your brows groomed :) however they do only have 2 shades so it might be difficult for some people to get a perfect colour match.
The eyeliner- £1
I would say this is the least impressive out of my purchases, but still good value! it has quite a watery formulation that makes it hard to get an even line, but for just a quid it's not too much trouble to do some extra applications, when this is done the result is a very black line. Do no think I would buy this again however.

Meg x

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  1. I love the mua eyebrow pencil, I now can't leave the house without my eyebrows done!