Monday, 27 August 2012

Sugarhill boutique's foxy combo dress.

Recently I was lucky enough to win a facebook competition that sugarhill boutique were holding. I had to tag  myself on a photo to represent my favourite collection out of 'foxy' or 'vegas', I chose 'foxy' and as that was the overall most popular collection I got randomly picked to pick an item of my choice! I chose the foxy combo dress, I couldn't resist the quirky twist that the fox print and cut out neckline complete with collar added to a classical dress shape.

The dress arrived fairly swiftly and unfortunately that is when I started to get problems. The sizing of this dress seems to come up quite small, I usually hit the size 12/14 mark in typical high street shops depending on what I am buying and the style (big bazoomas are troublesome when it comes to doing top buttons up!) however this dress which the website dubs a size 16 or XL was fairly tight on me. There was also a part of the zip that kept snagging. However once I got it on all was forgotten as I thought it was such a lovely dress.

I wore it very happily all day, It took from drinks and dancing during the day at a beer and cider festival to evening drinks in the pub (sounding like an alcoholic!) During the course of the evening I noticed that the neckline had gone a bit skew whiff, as I moved it back into place rrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiip, the seam along the zip gave up and left me with a lovely looking hole. I spent the rest of the very warm night with a borrowed jacket on to cover my shame.

Now I do realise that I sound very ungrateful but I assure that's not the case. I am very happy I won and feel it is an extremely generous prize. However I just think that for £55 people should be aware before they buy of the kind of problems I have had with this dress. It is a lovely dress and very well designed but it is let down in the manufacturing front.

I have contacted sugarhill boutique about the possibilty of a replacement as faulty seams usually do qualify. Hopefully this dress is just a fluke.

meg x

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