Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain vs Clinique chubby stick

I picked up this Revlon balm stain in superdrug for £5.99, a whole £10 cheaper than it's Clinique counter part, the Chubby stick ( review here), but what is the difference?

The packaging for both these products is pretty much identical, they both resemble a fat crayon reminiscent of our childhood years, with a screwable bottom ( lol, rude! didn't know how else to put it) in order to dispense more product. The only difference really is that clinique has a silver lid and also comes in a box.

The big difference for me is in the formulation of the products, with my Clinique chubby stick I am happy to swipe it on without a mirror much like I would a lip balm, and get a nice wash of colour plus super smooth lips. With my Revlon balm I prefer using a mirror for precision as I seem to get a lot more colour pay off, and quite a matte finish. Definitely leaning towards more of a lipstick type formulation than a balm. This does mean that for me the Revlon leaves a better stain, but I do have a lighter shade of chubby stick which will be a factor in the difference. I can also use my chubby stick a lot more, such as when i'm out and about, without having to go on a hunt for a mirror.  I guess it ultimately just depends on whether you favour moisture or colour pay off! Another thing that slightly bothers me about the revlon product is it has quite a strong smell (kinda minty)

I am very impressed with the Revlon Just bitten kissable balm stain (what a mouthfull!) and for £10 cheaper I don't really mind about the extra slick of lipbalm needed. though ideally I just want to merge these 2 products together!

have you tried either of these products? what do you think?

Meg x

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