Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Apocolips; Galaxy

So, I gave in to the hype, and I am so glad I did! As I approached the Rimmel stand in Boots, Christmas giftcard in hand, I saw that a lot of shades had already been completely snapped up, including a few I had my eyes on. However this meant that with my options narrowed I reached for Galaxy, a purple-y shade that I would not have otherwise picked. 

The first thing that impressed me was the packaging, the clear part at the bottom of the container means you actually get a true to life visual of what the product looks like, rather than faffing around with dirty testers etc etc. Then came the application, the doe foot applicator holds the product nicely, and one sweep over your lips leaves a super pigmented not-too-glossy lip colour behind. They feel incredibly light on your lips, almost balm-like. I am very pleased with how Galaxy looks on me but I will certainly be making another trip to pick up the colours I missed out on, and probably all the rest too!

Meg x