Sunday, 13 January 2013

A diary of Deafness

So my first post in this feature, I thought a good way to start would be to explain why I am deaf. A lot of people ask me if I was born deaf and I never really know what to say, 'cause I wasn't, yet I have been deaf my whole life. Basically I was born very premature,  at 25 1/2 weeks old to be exact, here is me in all my tiny glory;

So yeah, there was lots of stuff wrong with me but my ears weren't actually one of them. However, all the stuff that the (amazing) doctors did to keep me alive affected my ears and made me go deaf. It also left me with a scar on my leg from a feeding tube gone wrong but that's another story! 

I did get bullied whilst I was growing up but I wouldn't say it was any more than any other kid who unfortunately goes through the same. They would pick on my hearing aids and my lisp but I think a lot of it was just curiosity but also I suppose a 'fear of the unknown'  is the only way I can describe it, though it makes me sound a bit douchey, but I hope you get my drift. 

The unusual thing came when it was actually a teaching assistant that was bullying me. I don't mean obviously name calling etc but little things that would make me upset, and the t.a was very aware of my feelings. This went on for quite a while because in the words of my mum, I am loyal to a fault, so I didn't actually want to tell anyone about how she was making me feel. Though when you are a kid you are not very good at hiding things, I began to be 'ill' in the mornings in the hope I wouldn't have to go to school and would also ask how many days until the weekend. Never the less it got sorted, I got a new lovely t.a and I was a happy little kiddy again! :)

I am going to stop my rambling now, save it for next week! hope this little personal injection into my blog will be received well!

Meg x

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