Thursday, 17 January 2013

What I am loving...

My Gossip Girl DVD box set! I don't really own many DVDs at all, let alone box sets. I prefer to just nip down to blockbusters and rent it if there is a film I feel like watching. However, for Christmas I got the full Gossip Girl set and I am just addicted. I have always loved gossip girl, I know it's bit too dramatic and american for some people's taste but when I was younger I just couldn't get enough. I was rubbish at keeping up to date with it though, I would miss programmes then forget what has happened before etc etc. Now I just snuggle in my pjs with some Ben and Jerry's in hand and waste a night watching months worth of programmes. It also helps that not only are the whole cast gorgeous (Chace Crawford, swoon!) but they all have impeccably stocked wardrobes for me to drool over (though some outfits are rather questionable). 

So that's what I have been loving this week and I am now going to leave you with the gorgeous guys and gals of the show, should be something for everyone!

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