Friday, 18 January 2013

Kate Moss matte lipstick; 101 soft pink

After hearing everyone and their dog raving about Kate Moss's contribution to Rimmel's matte lipstick collection I decided to give it a go. I picked up shade 101- soft pink whilst browsing in Boots. The last matte offering I tried from Rimmel was Red Fever, which you can see in this post. Although I like the lipstick I didn't love the matte texture as I found it extremely drying. However, this lipstick was not like that at all! It had a lovely creamy formula and was extremely easy to apply straight from the bullet. This is my first foray into light shades of lipsticks and I am very impressed. I do not have any eye make up on in this photo yet rather than feeling naked, like I normally do without mascara-laden lashes, I felt like my lips were enough. Yet I could also see this being the perfect colour to pair with a smokey eye as it is not too in your face. I am definitely going to have to go back and look at purchasing some other shades!

Once again I also have a make-up related comp to share with you, who doesn't love benefit right?! enter here

Meg x


  1. Based on the hype I picked up 107 and didn't even consider any of the other shades, but this one looks lovely on you! x

    1. I nearly picked up 107 but I was missing a pink from my collection, will be going back soon to purchase it! your blog is lovely and I have followed :) x