Saturday, 19 January 2013

Salt spray and Leather

Unfortunately only the top part of my outfit I can actually account for, the jeans and shoes I honestly can't remember where they came from. I have a feeling the plimmie's are from Primark and the jeans possibly New look or Primark too! I nabbed this jacket quite a while ago in the glamorous sales, the leather sleeves give it a rock-girl edge and it also gives you a lovely shape when belted. Underneath I wore a t-shirt also from the sales but this time from warehouse, it is a lightweight feel with a relaxed shape and pocket on the breast. It is black and flecked with gold with gives it a little va-va-voom. 

For the first time ever today I had the problem of my hair being too clean-feeling and flyaway. So I reached for this forgotten about salt spray by Umberto Giannini, sprayed it sparingly through my dry hair (though it is meant to be used on wet) and scrunched it as it dried. It didn't leave my hair dry or stiff, which I was worried about, but just gave it some much needed texture, will definitely be using it again!

Jacket: glamorousuk Top: warehouse 

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