Wednesday, 23 January 2013

what I am loving...

Girl's night out task lists! A house mate recently turned 21, now we are all back we decided to have a night out to celebrate. As well as booze, music and cheesy dance moves the night is also going to consist of some pretty embarrassing challenges for everyone! We have put these fun little tasks on some textured paper made from elephant dung (oooh-er, a gift from Africa) backed them with cardboard and threaded them with some brightly coloured string. These will be hung around our necks on the night so we can tick them off as we go! Here are some examples;

  • Get as many animal noises in a conversation with the opposite sex
  • Drink a row of 4 shots
  • Collect as many (unopened!) condoms as you can
  • approach a person carrying 2 drinks on the way back from the bar, take a drink and say "thanks!" as you walk off
  • collect a male's items of clothing
That is just a little selection!  Our night is definitely not going to be boring! Have you got any tips for a fun night out?

Meg x

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