Friday, 5 October 2012

3 for2? Aww go on then!

 So yet again I have been tempted by another 3 for 2 deal, this time on Revlon products in Superdrug. I have a very limited experience with Revlon, owning just one other product by them, a face powder which I am not over fond of. However, there have been many a time where one product has let me down but the rest of a brand has been immense so I thought I would give them a shot! 

I originally went in to repurchase my current foundation, as my Rimmel wake me up is on its last legs, but got tempted and sidetracked by Revlon's colour stay foundation. They were out of the combination skin type so I went for the normal/dry, and so far I love it. It feels less heavier than my Rimmel foundation but still gives a good medium coverage, just a bit of concealer on those pesky eye bags and I am good to go. The only downfall with this is it hasn't got a pump applicator, you literally just pour it out of the bottle (like some mac foundations) which I find quite annoying. Now I can't say I have tested its 24h claim but it does last me a long day of lectures at uni which is all I ask for.

Photo ready cream blush in 'Pinched', I had a huge coral moment last year and literally could not get enough of the orange hue, unfortunately my feelings have now changed. I put it down to my new hair colour, can't quite pull of coral with red hair. however I do love the formulation of this blush, dewy and creamy plus easily buildable. I just dust some pinky blusher over the top to give me my desired colour and also give it extra staying power.

Nail varnish in Darling, I love the colour of this, even if it is more suited to summer rather than winter. Though unfortunately that's where my like for it stops, I found the brush particularly hard to work with, and the formula streaky and drying to a nearly matte finish, I either want matte or shiny, not somewhere in between!

Meg x

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