Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween nail art using old gloopy varnishes.

So when a nail varnish is past it's prime do you just throw it away? or maybe try and salvage the gloopyness with some varnish remover acetone? well stop! gloopy nail varnishes are actually very useful when doing nail art, as the thick texture makes it easier to control where it goes on your nail. If anyone remembers those spider pens where you could lift and almost drag the ink? Its kinda the same as that. I went for a pumpkin accent thumb nail. I used a new perfectly fine colour for my base, a slightly thicker orange nail varnish which made it easy to get a round shape free hand, then a very gloopy black for the features.  Anyway here is the best bit, the pictures!  It was my first attempt and I also went and smudged them (damn my impatient-ness!) but you get the idea.

Meg x

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