Tuesday, 23 October 2012

the best aroma for you?

So the shorter days and cosier nights are creeping upon us. There's something about this time of year that just screams "time to get the candles out!". I for one am a candle fiend. I have little tea lights that I put around my bath when I feel like a luxurious soak. A sweet coconut scented candle jar, to fill my room with the cosiest home-ly scent if I am having an evening in or, if I want to give the best first impression to visitors. We even have vanilla scented tea lights in our kitchen to banish those cooking smells! Most importantly though is the annual Christmas candle that my family will light without fail, as the wax burns down it shows you how many days left until Christmas! 

Not only do scented candles (and incense sticks!) smell divine but different aromas also have different properties. Want a smell to wake yourself up? comfort you? or even get rid of nausea? then read on my lovelies...

Lavender: This is known for it's relaxation properties, so perfect if you are suffering from some extra stress, and will also aid a restful and peaceful sleep. It has also been said that smelling this will help relieve headaches.  
Lemon: This zingy scent is perfect for waking you up and refreshing your mind. It has antiseptic properties and is said to help get your thoughts in order and help with concentration.
Lemongrass: An uplifting scent, used as an anti depressant to help get you into a happy mood. Also when used in oil form and popped into a bath it will help relieve tired and over-worked muscles. 
Orange: Much like lemongrass with it's invigorating scent and mood lifting properties. It will also sooth out energies around you as well as giving you a boost yourself.
Bergamot:  Used for anxiety, hysteria, depression and fear with it's relaxing warm spiced-fruit scent.
Myrrh: You see this scent a lot in incense sticks. It's very earthy and rustic aroma can be used as a tonic and stimulant. It is sometimes seen in perfumes where it is said to provoke a sense of ambition in the wearer.
Ginger: Can combat loneliness and depression, energises the spirit and is also commonly used for nausea. 
Peppermint: This scent claims to clarify your senses and get your concentration back on track.
Pine: This scent is said to help banish negative energies and feelings around you, use this to feel happier and calmer.
Rose: Commonly seen as as the flower of love, but is also the scent of love. Said to bring harmony to your life and aid you in love.
Vanilla: Brings happiness and helps you recharge your batteries by filling the air with energy. It is also said to bring good fortune..
Eucalyptus: Known for it's healing properties, both when you are physically sore or mentally hurt. Use this to ease your mind and banish those aches and pains!

Candles are never hard to find; nexthomebase and yankee candle (if you are feeling flash) all have a range of scents.

Meg x

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